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Paul Mooney, the undefeated..

Paul Mooney, one of the greatest comedians ever. His career started long before I was born, which was the 80’s 😱

While finding material for this piece, I bumped into an article which states that his health seems to be failing, which produces issues while on stage these days.

Paul Mooney, is most known for touching issues about politics and race relations.


He was Richard Pryor’s writing partner and best friend. Many of the big names that we are familiar with, have utilized his material. Names such as; Redd Foxx and Eddie Murphy. Robert Townsend once said ” He taught a generation of comedians to be fearless”.


Many are offended, by his unapologetic
and truthful style of comedy. Which is absolutely fine with me 😁


I’d heard of him, but wasn’t familiar with his extensive career. I was officially introduced to this creative being, via the Dave Chappelle show. From that point, I was hooked!

His raw honesty is what appeals to me the most. I’m honored to introduce him to those who aren’t hip to this legend of comedy. He is definitely one of XMI’s American greats.


Paul Gladney, was born on August 4th 1941 in Louisiana. He was raised by his grandmother, and that is where he received the “Mooney” nickname from. As a teen, he competed and won dance competitions. Mooney, became a regular on the “American Bandstand Show”. He later got into show business by becoming a ringmaster, with the Gatti Charles Circus.

Mooney has done many things within his lengthy career. He was one of the head writers on the Richard Pryor show. Also writing for Sanford & Son, Good Times, and In Living Color. As well as, being responsible for creating the character Homey D Clown 😂 Which happened to be one of my faves as a teenager.

He also acted in the classic movie, “Hollywood Shuffle”. Mooney also released a book titled “Black Is The New White” in 2007.

In 2014, it was announced that Mooney had been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Although, that hasn’t stopped him from performing. I’m sure he’ll be on that stage until he can’t do it any longer 🎤

Sending him love 😘

I hope you’ve enjoyed my few thoughts on this awesome African American great 🎭

I’ve added a video, which is about one hour long. So go grab a snack, and enjoy the show.

I hope that you too can, appreciate his in your face honestly 👌

Paul Mooney Act

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Paul Mooney

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