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Xspanding Minds “Top Ten” Artist of 2015

I’d like to say “Thank You” to the many individuals, who have contributed to helping Xspanding Minds name get out there! I want to inspire many, and art is my way of doing so! I’ve compiled a list of ten of my favorite artists for the year of 2015.

Some of the artist are well-known, and some aren’t. I hope that you are as inspired by their work as I am, and decide to support them also.

I’m glad to introduce Xspanding Minds “Top Ten Artist” of 2015

#1 Travis Price: Travis Prince Art


We’ve all heard the term, “Love at first sight”. Well, that’s exactly what happened when I laid my eyes on this dope painting.

The creator of this piece is, Travis Prince. I’ve had the luxury of being connected with him on Facebook, for several months now. He has some amazing pieces, which touches on subjects that are important to the African American people. Please do, go show his social networks some love!

#2 Gerald Ivey: Gerald Ivey Art


One of my favorite pieces by artist Gerald Ivey. He has a variety of paintings that I could have put here, yet this one grabbed my attention from the very beginning.

I hope it does the same for you, which will allow you to connect and follow all of his beautiful creations.

#3 Geno Harris: Geno Harris Art


Due to having the luxury of this creative individual being in one of my art groups. I saw the different stages of this painting, and I was amazed at how it turned out!

Geno Harris, is the artist and he also has a art show that he hosts several times a year in the city of Detroit. I would like you to definitely support this artist, by following his social network outlets.

If you’re in the Detroit area, you should check out one of his upcoming shows. So don’t forget to subscribe to his events, for future dates!

#4 Jounda Strong: Jounda Strong Art


This painting was created by a supporter of Xspanding Minds, and for a long time. I had no idea, she was even an artist.

Jounda Strong, created this piece and it’s called Heroin. When I asked her to tell me where her inspiration came from, she explained that several members of her family have dealt with the struggles of this drug.

To me, she executed it perfectly. I can actually feel the pain, anger and frustration that comes with that addiction

She has a social outlet that you should connect yourself to, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

#5 Lonnie Ollivierre: Lonnie Ollivierre Art


I love this artists creations also! His name is Lonnie Ollivere, and he creates many awesome paintings like this.

This is one of my favorites, due to the individuals he has in it. Each have done some amazing things in the African American communities in the present, and the past. It’s not only great to see them all in the same place, but it’s also very inspiring too!

#6 Lisa Mathews: Lisa Mathews Art


I received an invitation to this page, and once I got there was extremely amazed by this artists creativity.

She has a huge selection of Caricature statues, as well as creating game sets with them for a Chess set. I’m getting one for myself, I’m just trying to figure out what those characters should be.

Please do follow this artist for future updates. Her name is Lisa Mathews.

#7 Michelle Miller: Michelle Miller Art


This artist and I connected through my arts group. After checking out her amazing sketches, I decided that it was important to include this artist in this list.

She has been in the field for over twenty years, and explained that many of her pieces had been put away in boxes. But, after joining my art group. She was inspired to start sharing her creations again.

I’d love for you to support this artist as well! Her name is Michelle Miller, and I loved this picture the first time I saw it!

#8 Ed Terrell


I connected with the artist, Ed Terrell due to a Xspanding Minds supporter suggesting he was a great artist.

When I first saw this piece I thought of my grandmother, who loves Elephants. She’d love all of the amazing colors!

#9 Kimberly Moseberry: Kimberly Moseberry


The artist of this piece, is Kimberly Mosberry and she’s an extremely talented artist from right here in Chicago!

This piece made my top ten due to her awesome craft, and the fact that these three African American comic like characters remind me of my three younger daughters.

If my girlies were ever comic book characters, this is who they’d look like!

Go check out more of her work, and make sure you follow her page for future updates.

#10 Dawud Shabazz: Dawud Shabazz Art


This last artist featured, is Dawud Shabazz also from the Detroit area and his work revolves around abstract art and African American people.

All of his pieces, have some type of messaging and I think it’s very important that you show support to this artist by linking to his networks.


That is the end of Xspanding Minds “Top Ten Artists” of 2015.

I hope you enjoyed the selected paintings, and hopefully you too will show these living artist some support!

It’s been a great year since creating Xspanding Minds, and I appreciate every one of you whom has supported our mission of becoming a youth center here in Chicago.

Thank You All!

Tina 😘

Make sure you look for next year’s article on 2016’s top ten.

If you support the #Arts please do support Xspanding Minds 2016 Children’s Art Exhibition, by donating to this GoFundMe Campaign!

Give the children of Chicago, the opportunity to become like one of the above individuals. Give the gift of Art 🎨

DONATE to XMI 1st Annual Children’s Art Exhibition


Xspanding Minds is now on Tumblr!!!

Hello Xspanding Minds!

We are slowly connecting to some of the more lively social networks. And we’ve finally gotten to connecting with the Tumblr outlet. So, please do follow the link below and link up with our page.

Hope to see you there, and don’t forget to say hello 🙂

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Street Art In Chicago

I have this fascination with street art. I’m not sure at what point in my life, this became an interesting thing to me. But, it definitely has a place in my heart.

I see street art as a form of expression. Which allows the artist 🎨 to express themselves within a uncomfortable setting. Street art of course is considered vandalism, which means that the artist 🎨 was not in the best of circumstances. At the same time, they were able to create something special that will be around for years, and for many eyes to see.

I can appreciate the gift they bring to the world. The gift of art 😊 I have created a program, that will be offered to the youth attending Xspanding Minds facility. Which will focus on this skill. If we have the opportunity to create some art around the city (with permission) of course 😊 This is definitely something I would want the children participating in.

I would like to share a few of the photos that I’ve collected so far. Hope you enjoy, and please do leave suggestions or comments!

Please do check out Xspanding Minds Inc website: http://www.Facebook.com/XspandingMindsInc

Greats! Photo 📷 taken 79th off of Stony Island Street, on Chicago’s Southside. This is on the side of the Regal Theater 🎦 a landmark in the city, most known for showcasing African American entertainment 🎭
Reading Time! Found this photo 📷 on Chicago's Southside, on 63rd & Cottage Grove near the Green Line train. I didn't take an entire photo of this mural, due to it being surrounded by construction. Will go look at it in a few weeks. I love all this stands for. Educating our youth should be a priority to all. Reading is one of the most important things we can teach our youngsters 😁 #EachOneTeachOne
Reading Time!
Found this photo 📷 on Chicago’s Southside, on 63rd & Cottage Grove near the Green Line train.
I didn’t take an entire photo of this mural, due to it being surrounded by construction. Will go look at it in a few weeks.
I love all this stands for. Educating our youth should be a priority to all. Reading is one of the most important things we can teach our youngsters 😁