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Xspanding Minds 1st Annual Children’s Art Exhibition 2016

Hello Xspanding Minds!!

I’ve been planning this event for some time now, and I’m ready to get it to come into existence!!

I have put up a GoFundMe Campaign, and need your support. You can donate to the cause, volunteer your time or services, and share this important information with others.

It will benefit the children in the near future 🙂


XMI Children’s Art Exhibition Fundraiser


Xspanding Minds is now on Tumblr!!!

Hello Xspanding Minds!

We are slowly connecting to some of the more lively social networks. And we’ve finally gotten to connecting with the Tumblr outlet. So, please do follow the link below and link up with our page.

Hope to see you there, and don’t forget to say hello 🙂

Xspanding Minds Tumblr Page